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How To Prepare The Bird For Battle

Behind all the power displays of the bird in cockfighting; there is an element of preparation. How do you recognize the prepared bird in the midst of the birds that come out for the battle royal? This is why you need credible info that can only be gotten through the best among the vendors that are online.

No stone must be left unturned in the desire to achieve creative results that will lead to the big jackpot. What you are going to get in terms of professional cover that delivers all through the likes of sabung ayam s128 represents the results that will gladden the heart. There is no detail that is too small. When you are taken from zero to the top in quality information dissemination, it will be easy to achieve the results which will lead you to the Eldorado in the cockfighting niche.

Stress drops

One of the things done behind the scene to prepare the bird for the epic pebble that lies ahead is the administering of stress drops to the bird. They need at least seven of the drops so as to be ready for the demands when the battle is on. You are not going to get the results that mattered from a bird that has not been given stress drops

Banana leaves in the box

Banana leaves are placed in the box as part of the preparations for the movement of the bird to the venue of the fight. This is one of the special conditions that will prepare the bird for the best results that is needed to achieve excellence in battle. You need to get all the above info and several others that will lead to achieving the best results that call for cheer.

Leave around 4am

The departure time for battle for each bird is another feature that separates the best from the rest. There should be room to acclimatize the bird. This is the reason why smart owners depart for the venue of the fight early enough around 4am in order for the bird to fully acclimatize.


It is mandatory to weigh the rooster in order to determine the moisture content before departure. Where the bird falls below expectations; the special feed needed to give the bird what it takes to compete favorably will be administered.

Above all, what you needed to achieve the best can only come through a credible vendor like daftar s128.

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