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Do You Know About A Few More Uncommon Poker Terms?

People have been playing poker games even before the internet was not present in our life. Now the same games are also available online and you can find plenty of websites hosting this game online.

The best poker app can also be seen on one of the Indian hosting companies called PokerBaazi, which is a fully secure website where one can enjoy playing poker games. Those who are familiar with this game can readily play this game by registering on this website.

Even those who are not familiar with poker games can also learn this game as the software of the game is quite simple and user–friendly to learn this interesting game.

In this article, we shall try to understand a few technical terms that are often used while playing this game that most new players may not be quite familiar with.

  • Bad beat

It generally refers to a certain hand where you have been ahead of others substantially only for the opponent for hitting the card when they needed for winning the hand.

  • Battle of the blinds

Often you may be looking at a certain battle of the blinds so that none of the players are ready to give up easily the chips that they have committed already to the pot.

  • Big slick

As per the legend, the hand was earlier called “Santa Barbara” however, after the  Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969, over some time it has changed into just Big Slick.

  • Belly buster

This name has come from that if the 5, in this case, ever appear on the turn, then the straight will be much more disguised and even could lead to a certain player into “busting” another.

  • Bet in the dark

This is a particular action where a player will bet before the next card round is dealt. This will mean that irrespective of they are making a very good hand on the turn/flop/river, their bet will stand.

  • Boat

Actually, this is another name that is given to any Full House. Any full house will be consisting of 3 different kinds and a pair!

  • Bubble

In poker, the bubble is generally referred to as your position where you will just miss out on your paid places of any tournament.

  • Calling station

You will call a person as a calling station who plays loose and passive and usually does not raise much. Instead of raising, this kind of player may call you in plenty of hands and situations.

  • Limp

You will call a limp, which is a spot from where a player will enter the pot by just calling instead of raising.

  • Paint cards

This term will refer to any kind of card e.g. King, Queen, or Jack. All players also use commonly the term “face cards” for referring to any Kings, Queens, or Jacks because all those cards have faces.

These days, you will find plenty of poker sites and if you are familiar with all these terms then you can play even at an advanced level too.

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