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3 Common Bad Habits to Avoid for Online Poker

Not everyone can play like Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu, however, there are bad habits you can cut out to help. In this post we’re going to share the common leaks playing make when playing online poker. Hopefully you will avoid making these mistakes when you play.

Playing Too Many Hands

More often than not, the importance of the pre-flop is ignored. It’s common for players to adopt the mentality that you have to be in it to win it, but chasing luck is never a strong long-term strategy. This doesn’t mean you must entirely avoid being aggressive or flexible with your choice of hands to play. Ultimately though, the ability to judge when only comes with experience and an understanding of position. It stands to reason that if you choose to play a lot of hands, that you’ll be regularly entering the flop with the worst hand. Not a great position to be in.

There’s A Wrong Time to Be Playing

Before sitting down at the poker table, you must ask yourself if you’re in the right mind-set to give your best. Choosing to play angry is dangerous. An emotional player cannot play coherently and tend to go bust quickly, particularly at a Malaysia online casino. Never hand your opponent the edge over you. Another factor that you may be brushing to the side is tiredness. You shouldn’t be telling yourself that you must play a certain number of hours. If you’re tired, save yourself the money and sleep.

Not Reviewing and Improving

It’s foolish to think that if you’re winning, you’re necessarily playing well. A lucky streak can make you feel invincible and that you’ve “cracked it.” Far from it. Aim to never stop learning. The game is always evolving and so must your game. There is software available that can quickly identify your bad tendencies too. All successful players are doing this and strive to be as driven to improve as ever.

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